Monday, December 28, 2009

ode to spring

A bit of wishful thinking - spring in the midst of winter:

Oh spring,

if you were but mortal,

or better yet, that I

was the May breeze,

you and I could make

such delicate love,

for I have long been

enamored with you.

Like loving fingers

through cascading hair,

I would weave magic

in your meadow grasses

and flowering trees.

I would move over your

greening landscapes

with a most ardent touch

and spread the intoxicating

fragrances of your

blossoms as a priceless

perfume for the only

one I could ever love.

I would caress your

billowing clouds, ferrying

them gently about, and

we would lie naked upon

their undulating waves

and allow the sun to warm us.

God, what a dreamer! What

a spell spring has cast.

Oh, if I were but the breeze.


Anonymous said...

Hi Warren,
I have been missing you on AHA. Susan told me you were not coming back. Love your poem...I miss you, you silver tongued devil.

Adelaide said...

Hi Warren,

We could use some of that May breeze you are writing to with temps in single digits for the last few days. Lovely imagery here.


Warren said...

Hi Julie - Yes, I got repulsed by a certain person on the forum - you know who, and it's not you. How are you?

Magyar said...

__Here, Warren, you've written the word, intoxicating... as is your poem. _m

Warren said...

Hi Adelaide - Yes, we could use some real warmth around here as well, although it's not as cold right now. Thanks for your comments!

Hi Magyar - Hey, thanks for coming in on this one and thanks for your very nice comments!