Saturday, December 19, 2009


I am
as this dead
fly, scraping
back and forth
along the
window sill,
by currents
of stale hot air.
My life is
as meaningless
as the dry
husk of this


Lauren said...

must a life
have meaning?
The moment will pass
into another, a shaft of warm
yellow sunlight,
a drifting shadow
brilliant against the snow
no less meaningless, no less
The tyranny of purpose
is good to be liberated from

Warren said...

Hi Lauren - I would rather my life have some meaning, to leave some positive imprint on people or events, than to fade from obscurity here on earth into the final oscurity, leaving nothing to mark your existence, making no good impression on mankind, even at a simple level of relational interaction between a man and a woman. And my life does have some meaning, as I was just waxing poetic like you and I will tend to do. Huh?