Saturday, November 14, 2009

tear of recognition

Bing as he is nicknamed is my older brother. Visiting him at the veterans home in Boise, Idaho, he appears a shadow of the man he was and seems far older. He's deteriorated since the death of his wife and doctors say he has dementia and is extremely weak. Having just survived pneumonia, his normally bright blue eyes are gray and appear distant, confused. He doesn't seem to blink. He watches other aging veterans move about the visitors area and doesn't speak unless asked a question, then replies with few words.

seasoned aspen
buffeted by a bitter wind
shuffle of old men

Although I am taller than him, I think of Bing as my bigger brother because he has always stuck up for me. Always. He has been a caring older brother and as children would allow me to tag along, pedaling me around on his rickety bike. Now I lament that there is nothing I can do for him. I doubt he will ever leave the veterans home. I was afraid he didn't recognize me until as I was about to leave. A single tear has appeared in the corner of his eye and is making its way down that pale, wrinkled face.

a leaf flutters
in an abandoned web
. . . these gray clouds


Dalloway said...

nicely done

Warren said...

Thanks Emma - I appreciate your comments!


old pajamas said...

leaf, web, clouds: each flutters...very nice way of linking them...what thirteen syllables can do......

Magyar said...

Your haibun pulls me into the sorrow... of watching someone that is loved... locked in that immovable silence; the only word, a knowing tear. _m

Warren said...

Hi Alan - Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting on the haibun - I appreciate it. Gonna check out your blog, dude.

Magyar - It's tough, that's for sure. Just read your profile and you like anything Sarah Brightman too! God, I love the woman, everything about her, and Andrew Lloyd Webber's work as well.

Thanks - Warren

mattm said...

A very poignant piece, Warren