Thursday, November 19, 2009

brother's tear

The tear of a brother
who is slipping into, out of
confusion, oblivion,
A tear of recognition,
of reassurance.
How to weigh this tear?
How to preserve it?
What value
this tear?


Chen-ou Liu said...

Warren, your tear of recognition and brother's tear touched me deeply. I am in admiration at the simplicity and honesty with which you share your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Thanks for sharing.


(By the way, I’m doing OK here. Thanks for your encouraging words and for your support)

Lauren said...

I have also experienced the gradual loss of a brother; moving words, and poetry here. How do we live with these kinds of tragedies, and keep the heart open? Perhaps, that is what "priceless" means.....and thank you for your kind words on one of my blogs - yes, I do think the haiku form is wonderful, and a practice worthwhile for me to learn as well.


Warren said...

Hi Chen-ou - Thank you very much for your words, they are always inspiring and thought-provoking. You're a good man.

Hi Lauren - Love your art and poetry - you have a special heart, which is so obvious in your artforms. I'm sorry for your loss of a brother - it's a lousy way to exit life. Thanks for your comments!


Magyar said...

the last visit
I spoke the only words
a final smile

Kristin Riggs said...

Hi Warren. I discovered your blog through Adelaide Shaw's. I must say the poems about your brother are beautiful and heart-wrenching. I cried! I am very close with both of my siblings and I cannot imagine what that must be like for you. Lovely writing. Hope you'll stop by my blog "Soft Spoken" sometime.

Warren said...

Terrific haiku, Magyar (Please, what is your name?) - anyone who lists Sarah Brightman as a favorite singer is a friend of mine.

Hi Kristin - Thanks foryour very warm and thoughtful comments. I'm just getting into free verse - have been writing Japanese short form for aobut four years. I checked out your blog - gorgeous! You have a very special heart - that's obvious. Keep in tough!

Thanks both of you -


Magyar said...

__My Hungarian Grandmother nick-named me Magyar when I was born, and it has remained all these years... pronounced 'Mudj-yor.'
__My other genetic side? Irish, and I've never taken offence to being called a 'Hunki-Mick;' I
identify slightly more with the Hungarian genes.
__Sarah... exceptional vocal range, and purity, exceptional modulation from the soft to the powerful, overall exceptional... and not stuck within the 'opera' elite! Ummm..., not hard to look at either!
__All this, Warren, just to say my name is Doug, glad to know you!

Warren said...

Hi Doug - Pleased to meet you! Thanks for your correspondence!