Sunday, November 1, 2009

breeze in the lilies

The breeze comes in from the south, moving over the cornfield at the edge of the cemetery to lightly stir the lilies on Sarah's casket. Sarah's son Tom puts his head in his hands as the preacher says something about Sarah departing for a better life. Tom had just buried his wife the week before after she lost her battle with cancer. Now he's burying his mother.

a dandelion seed
gyrates on spider silk
then floats away

I don't know Tom that well, but well enough to know I like him and well enough to know he's a good man. I wonder what it must be like to lose the two most important women in your life, both within a week. Tom's leathery face holds little clue, except for the glistening streaks. He tells me it was a "double whammy" - his sunken eyes tell me it was far more.

darker today
this shadow across
her stone


Magyar said...

A very heartful haibun, Warren.
Deeply felt. _m

Warren said...

Thanks Magyar - I added your blog to my list of links.


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

I love this haibun. the story and the ku blends well

Warren said...

Hi Fred - Hey, thanks for checking in, and thanks for your very nice comments!