Wednesday, October 7, 2009

nothing profound

I can see it would be tough blogging every day - especially when you have nothing profound to share. Heck, I'll always have a problem in that department.

Frost destroyed what tomatoes might have been on the vines. Only tomatoes left were some green romas. I mentioned the dogs had taken to picking the ripe tomatoes off the vine and eating them - well, they're still picking, picking the green romas, taking a bitter bite and leaving their plunder on the deck when they come in. Must be half a bushel of green, nibbled-on romas laying around on the deck (exaggeration, of course). We have three dogs (the little guy on bottom left died last December):

We still have plenty of green tomato relish left over, so don't get after me about doing something with the green romas on the vines. 'Sides, there aren't that many left now. Folks, that's as profound as I'm getting today.


collin barber said...

I can't help but see a potential haibun in the second paragraph, Warren. Might not be "profound" but I enjoyed reading this (although, I am sorry to hear about your dog).


Warren said...

Hi Collin - I think I've tried a haibun once, and not real certain how successful it was. You've got the expertise when it comes to haibun - top reading on your site, for sure. I'll give it a try again and let you see the results. Thanks!