Friday, October 2, 2009


Note: The first snowfall of the season for our area fell softly Sunday morning, much like the fluff from mountain cottonwood that I love to watch in the spring, only much colder (umm, makes sense). It's way too early for me - I expect to see Indian summer last a long time. But while it snowed, it seemed the world grew hushed - such a pleasant, encompassing feeling. Maybe two inches at the most, but it's still there this morning (Monday). Got a haiku or two from the experience - hopefully - they're still fermenting.

But, despite the little bit of snow, there's that magical, almost otherworldly feel in the air these days - the kaleidoscopic colors and pungent fragrances of autumn that seem to weave a spell upon one's senses - the barking of high-flying geese, the raspy cries of boisterous crows, the fine, hovering mist, and the renewed energy of old dogs and people. What is it about fall that rattles the synapses and seems to hand us back our childhood, at least temporarily? Just to smell decaying gardens and rain-soaked piles of leaves is enough to give me a natural rush - who needs needles, pills or chemical fixes? We've got it all just outside the door - haiku are waiting for us to shed our apathy . . .

autumn sunset
a song sparrow climbs
through the brambles


hollow log–
the forest wind
blows out of tune

Translated into Russian for

прогнившее бревно -
лесной дух выдувает
неверные ноты


deep woods
a shaft of sunlight
finds its way


leaden sky . . .
as my mood darkens,
a white butterfly

The same thing will happen this winter when I smell coal smoke and feel the tingle of sub-zero temps in my nose, and this spring when I see the blur of whites, pinks and purples and smell lilacs. At such times, I want to live forever. Is life perhaps just a series of sensations and experiences to be woven into memories and poems for later? I wonder.

Song sparrow haiku first published in Simply Haiku Autumn, '06
A version of deep woods haiku first published in Haiku Harvest Spring & Summer 2006 - Vol. 6, No. 1 and now published in Magnapoets.


Anonymous said...

Warren, your words are so invigorating...just like autumn!
Your blog is coming along splendidly. (And thanks for your mention of Ripples.)

Warren said...

Thanks for your comments, Lary - I see I still haven't gotten the comment settings worked out.

aurora said...

This is a great blog, Warren! I'll be sure to stop by again.

Warren said...

Thanks for stopping by, Aurora - and thanks for your kind comments. You are appreciated.

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for a great BLOG !

Gabi from Japan

Warren said...

Thanks Gabi for visiting! I appreciate it very much. I added your blog to my list of valuable links.