Friday, October 23, 2009

faded photo


I feel sad today - maybe pensive is a better word. My father died of tuberculosis when I was three years old and I have no memory of him. Three old photos is all there is to tell me about him, and this one which was given to me recently provides me with the most insight.

When I was much younger I awoke from a nap to him standing over me. It was a beautiful feeling, even though nothing was said. When I fully awoke he was gone, but I know he was there. The feeling was too special. That feeling and the photos are all I have of him.

I would have liked him, immensely, and not just because he was my father - I can tell because my mother chose to marry him and because of the company he keeps in a faded photograph.

a leaf flutters
in an abandoned spiderweb
. . .  these gray clouds


Bill said...

Yes, I have been busy, and this is my first visit. A really attractive blog. I'll add a link at mine.

Warren said...

Hi Bill - Thank you very much for your visit and your comments. Being one of my few mentors, I really appreciate you.